Is 27 Inch Monitor Good For Gaming?

The standard screen size for 1440p monitors these days is 27 inches. It’s also not unheard of to find displays with a resolution of 1080p or even 4K. 

These days, monitors with a size of 27 inches are the norm. 

Even the most devoted esports player would select a screen with a size of 27 inches over a screen with a size of 24 inches owing to the 27-inch screen’s better practicality.

The QHD panel is currently considered the gold standard for monitors 27 inches in size. Displays that fall into this category start with a resolution of 2560 by 1440P and go up to 8K and 4K.

The game’s aesthetics are unaffected by the player’s position on the screen at any time during gameplay. 

This results from the incorporation of vast viewing angles into the design.

The aspect ratio of a monitor with a screen size of 27 inches is the same as that of a monitor with a screen size of 24 inches, which is 16:9. 

A screen of this kind typically has a pixel pitch of around 0.116 millimetres and more built-in capabilities than a screen with a 24-inch diagonal measurement.

Field of View

It may not seem like much, but the viewing angle of a 27-inch gaming monitor is significantly different from that of a smaller one. Professional players choose 27-inch screens because of their wide viewing angles. The many parts of the game, such as the maps, adversaries, and so on, will be visible to you.

In addition, the increased pixel density of a smaller screen makes text far more legible than on a bigger screen of the exact resolution. A fast-paced first-person shooter is best played on a smaller screen, such as a 27-inch screen, whereas role-playing and adventure games are better suited for larger displays.

Distance Needed to Read your Monitor

As was stated before, the aspect ratio of both of the 27-inch displays is 16:9. On the other hand, the display size might affect how easily you can read what’s on it. Suppose you sit 45 centimetres away from your screen. 

In that case, you will have plenty of space to stretch out, and the five centimetres on either side of the core productivity area will be helpful for alerts, menus, and other components.

The workspace offered by a screen of 27 inches creates a more manageable environment, making it simpler to take in the entire display without interruption. 

This distance is more than that of a screen with a 27-inch diagonal, yet closer than one with a 32-inch diagonal.

Display Resolution

If you like playing games at a resolution of 1080p, you may want to consider upgrading to a screen that is 27 inches in size. The displays’ native pixels have a high level of brightness and clarity. And even though it’s a small screen, the picture quality is excellent.

Images on monitors of 32 inches often have a grainier appearance than those shown on monitors of 27 inches with the exact resolution. This roughness is not immediately apparent; nevertheless, it is evident when the two displays are compared.

The impact of varying screen sizes on visual quality is more readily apparent. When comparing monitors with the exact resolution, you’ll notice that panels measuring 27 inches deliver far more sharp images.

A monitor with a screen size of 27 inches is suggested for getting the most out of gaming in 1440p or 4K resolution. However, professional gamers prefer monitors with a screen size of 27 inches since these screens provide a considerable viewing area without putting as much strain on the graphics processing unit (GPU) as a 4K or 8K display would.


It is not difficult to prepare to install a screen measuring 27 inches. The relatively small size of the screen makes the process of setting it up quite simple. A display with a size of 32 inches, on the other hand, has a larger surface area, a wider field of vision, and a more concentrated field of focus.

The free space on your desk will also significantly impact how you arrange a monitor with a screen size of 27 inches. If your desk is not deep enough for your monitor and keyboard to fit side by side, you may need to make a custom keyboard slide, extend the depth of your desk to at least 27 inches, or invest in a monitor arm to hold your screen at a comfortable viewing height. Other options include extending the depth of your desk to at least 27 inches.

Minimizing Head movement

It is advised that the screen be at least 24 inches in size for playing video games. You won’t have to spend time shifting your head from side to side in battle when things become hectic since you’ll be able to focus on what’s happening around you.

Because professional gamers spend a lot of time in front of their computers, their monitors must provide a pleasant viewing experience without restricting their range of motion. This is because professional gamers spend a lot of time sitting.

Suppose you want to prevent getting back discomfort when gaming; you should think about getting a screen that’s at least 24 inches. When trying to aim for the headshots that would win them the match, participants of the game will not be concerned about losing their equilibrium or scratching their heads.


Professional gamers frequently travel to participate in gaming tournaments held in various parts of the world. You need to bring your monitor with you if you want to maintain your level of fitness right up until and even during the competitions. A display with a size of 24 inches has the benefits of being portable, small, lightweight, and sturdy.

In addition, the cost of a regular display with a 27-inch screen is noticeably less than the cost of a monitor with a 32-inch screen. If you cannot bring it with you, you may be able to purchase it at a reduced price in the country you are visiting. Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you use the same platform on which the event’s gaming organizers will play to hone your strategies and skills in preparation for the competition.

Most Ideal Users of 27-inch Gaming Monitor

Professional gamers regularly travel to different global locations to compete in gaming competitions. 

You’ll need to bring your monitor along if you want to stay in peak physical condition up to and throughout the contests. 

A 24-inch screen provides the advantages of portability, compactness, low weight, and ruggedness.

In addition, a standard display with a 27-inch screen costs far less than a monitor with a 32-inch screen. 

If you forgot to pack it, you could find a better deal in the nation you’re visiting. 

You should then utilize the same platform on which the event’s game organizers will be playing to fine-tune your plans and talents in advance of the tournament.


When it comes to monitors for video games, 27 inches is considered to be optimal. 

A 27-inch screen provides enough space without completely overwhelming your field of view at the typical distances you’ll find yourself from a monitor on a desk. 

If you combine that screen real estate with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440, you may end up with an excellent middle ground between screen size and detail. 

A 27-inch monitor may effectively replace a TV in smaller rooms when paired with good speakers. You can obtain screens with resolutions ranging from 1080p to 4k and refresh rates ranging from 60 Hz to a staggering 240 Hz. 

When you need more area than a 24 or 25-inch screen but don’t want to go as big as 32-inch screens, a 27-inch monitor is a great deal.

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