Is i5 11th Gen Good For Gaming? (What You Need to Know)

Opinions are split on whether a computer with a Core i5 processor of the 11th generation is good for gaming. Some video game enthusiasts are confident that purchasing a console from the 11th Generation is well worth the money, while others are not convinced this is the case.

 It comes down to personal preference and the kinds of games one is interested in playing. If you only play games every once in a while, upgrading to the 11th Generation might not be worth it. On the other hand, if you are a demanding gamer looking for top-tier capabilities, the 11th Generation might be the best option for you.

The  Core i5 central processing unit is the most powerful gaming CPU. They have just about enough specs for most contemporary AAA games, but their performance places them in the middle of the performance ladder.

Specifications of i5 11th Gen

The Processor

Regarding gaming, your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) is one of the most critical components. The difference between a gaming experience that is buttery smooth and one that is hampered by latency and stuttering frequently comes down to the quality of the central processing unit (CPU) that is being utilized. 

Because there is such a large selection of processors, picking the appropriate one might be challenging. Before purchasing any kind, it is always necessary to check out all kinds of information, including evaluations.

The 11th Generation Core i5 is a powerful central processing unit that is fantastic for gaIt can operate at a base speed of 3.0 GHz and a turbo boost speed of 4.5 GHz. In addition to that, the cache has a capacity of 8 megabytes. 

Compared to the i5 CPU from the previous generation, there is a discernible increase in performance, and it consumes less power. PCIe 4.0 and memory operating at speeds of up to DDR4-3200 MHz are supported by the 11th-generation Core i5 processor.

i5 processor running at 3.90 GHz with hyper-threading architecture, enhanced onboard graphics, and turbo boost for optimal performance while dealing with computationally heavy tasks.

The microprocessor is comprised of. An LGA-1200 socket is provided on the PCB so that components may be attached. Because it has 12 megabytes of L3 cache, it can rapidly process commonly used data without hiccups. An architecture with a feature size of 14 nanometers (nm) offers outstanding computational efficiency, quick processing, optimum pricing, performance, and power consumption. 

The integrated UHD Graphics 750 controller delivers high-quality graphics and pictures for your gaming experience. An i5 central processing unit breakneck fast processing speed. This indicates that it can function at the CPU’s maximum clock speed of 3.6 GHz. You can dramatically boost your computer’s processing speed using the Turbo technology with the i5 processor. 

The I5 CPU’s 64-bit architecture contributes to its stable functioning. Even the most strenuous games are no match for the 11th Generation Core i5, a strong gaming CPU that can easily handle them. As a result of the high number of processor cores that it has, both its speed and its efficiency are unparalleled. 

It has been shown that the 11th generation Core i5 processor, which can be overclocked to a maximum of 5.0 GHz, can run 4K games with a highly reasonable frame rate.

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Graphic Capabilities

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The most current discrete graphics cards can take advantage of the maximum processing speeds of up to 5GHz and the maximum number of PCIe 4.0 lanes available in laptops with 11th-generation CPUs.

Regarding rendering and animation in 3D, the Core I5 1135G7, which is part of the 11th generation, is an outstanding option. Even though it exceeds AMD in terms of single-core results, it falls short of AMD in multi-core testing.

Resizable BAR

The 11th generation of Core i5 processors has a new PCIe feature called resizable BAR, which has the potential to provide some games a free performance boost. It alters your CPU’s interaction with your GPU, which might free up a tiny portion of a frame each second. This is accomplished by giving your central processing unit simultaneous access to a more significant amount of data.

Your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) constantly interacts with its graphics processing unit (GPU) while playing a video game since the GPU is responsible for creating the environment in which you are playing.

You are not limited to working in 256 MB chunks of the GPU’s RAM while using resizable BAR; you are free to request assets of any size. Using Resizable BAR, your CPU can run several queries all at once and access the whole frame buffer (data for the next frame to be put on screen). 

The impact on performance in the real world will not necessarily be enormous, but it may be pretty significant. The Resizable BAR, on the other hand, has very little influence, and in the worst-case scenario, it even has a negative effect. 

Because of this, the drivers for the GPU will either enable it automatically or deactivate it automatically based on the results of the tests. That way, it won’t run when there isn’t any noticeable change in performance brought on by it.

The AVI Feature

High-Efficiency Video Coding, often known as HEVC, and Advanced Video Coding, also known as AV1, are two examples of video codecs. Using strategies such as frame prediction during the encoding process, the size of video files may be decreased intelligently. When the file is played back, the procedure is performed in reverse, and the file is decoded.

Hardware decoding for AV1 is a feature that is brand new to the 11th Generation platform. It has been shown via testing that AV1 is far more effective than other prevalent codecs, such as VP9. 

AV1’s ability to scale efficiently at higher resolutions enables it to provide the efficient streaming of video at resolutions as high as 4K and 8K at far lower data rates than the formats native to such levels. Hardware decoding reduces the negative impact of software decoding on system performance, which in turn helps to clear the path for widespread adoption of AV1.

 The AV1 video decoding software necessary for modern browsers to play AV1 video, especially Ultra HD video, may strain older computers’ processing capabilities. Hardware decoding, on the other hand, provides an option built in and is very efficient.

AV1 compliance will be essential for the future if we want to transmit 8K video in dazzling color and see more detail with the same amount of bandwidth.

Accepts DDR-3200 RAM

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Memory performance has been improved with the 11th generation i5 CPU. These days, motherboards may officially handle RAM speeds up to 3200MHz, and many come equipped with advanced overclocking features to let users fine-tune their memory.

Additional RAM is required if you want to improve the efficiency with which you can multitask or if you want to play AAA visually demanding games. You also can boost your RAM, which will speed up the pace at which your CPU retrieves data from memory.

It is possible that boosting the speed of your RAM from the 2933MHz that the 10th Generation supports up to 3200MHz can boost your in-game frame rate; however, this depends on the game, your system, and the graphical settings you choose.

Although increasing the amount of RAM in your computer will increase performance, the difference won’t be as evident as it would be if you upgraded either your graphics processing unit or your central processor unit. On the other hand, more RAM could make some games run more quickly, and if you’re building or buying a high-end computer, having more memory ensures that you won’t be slowed down by it.


The i5 processor of the 11th generation is excellent for gaming. It has a solid performance and can play games with little to no latency. The only disadvantage of the product is that it is more expensive than other equivalent options. The question “Is i5 11gen excellent for gaming?” is an emphatic yes. The explanation is elementary: they sport an ideal balance of processing power, memory, and graphics for modern games.

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